Choose A General Contractor in Charlotte NC That Understands Grace in Design

If you’ve been looking for a general contractor Charlotte NC professtional, you already know that there are lots of options, ranging from the small crew operating out of a pick-up truck to big companies whose logo you see throughout the region on their service vehicles and work site signs. And, they all may be, to one degree or another, reasonably capable of achieving the ordinary and fairly good at serviceable construction. However, some projects simply demand more than that. Some projects just beg to be handled by a Charlotte general contractor that understands grace in design and line, a general contractor talented at creating the extraordinary.

The general contractor Charlotte NC options for that sort of work are far fewer. Benham Builders is one of the local general contracting companies that have demonstrated their understanding of grace in design and their ability to consistently achieve the extraordinary. Their work has garnered regional recognition, and has been featured in such publications as the February/March 2012 edition of Urban Home Charlotte and the July 26, 2008 edition of the Charlotte Observer, as well as Today’s Custom Home and South Park Magazine. Benham Builders came to the Charlotte NC region in 1995, and has been successfully completing noteworthy projects throughout the region ever since.

Like most of the best general contractor in Charlotte NC options, Benham Builders is a general contracting company with a special talent for restoration and remodeling. After all, with all of the beautiful vintage and historic homes in the region, that is a very necessary area of expertise and achievement. Benham Builders was established in Washington DC, another region with a wealth of historically important structures. The company began in 1983, with a strong focus on the higher end of the remodeling and restoration market, building the strong reputation that is came to Charlotte with in 1995.

The focus of Benham Builders has expanded beyond the high-end market, to include projects of all sorts. However, that same early focus on functional beauty, on quality materials and grace in line and design is still the foundation that supports all of the work they do. Their vision for the future continues to expand, as this general contractor in Charlotte NC incorporates the new green theories concerning sustainable design and energy efficient technologies. This general contracting company has a special talent for blending the old and the new, applying these new concepts to the remodeling and redesigning of homes throughout the region with inspiring, beautiful results.

Design is an important part of what Benham Builders does for their clients, and this is especially apparent in the custom projects that this Charlotte general contractor does. Their skilled design team is well educated and makes it a priority to stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies in the industry. Sustainability and green concepts play an important role in their design efforts in recent years, and this company is proud of how they’ve been able to incorporate green philosophies so beautifully into their projects. With their knowledge and expertise, Benham Builders can play a valuable role during the initial planning stages of any project.

If your project needs more than serviceable skill to achieve its full potential, you may want to look beyond the usual general contractor Charlotte NC options and investigate the talents of that handful of general contractors in the region known for being a cut above the rest. Benham Builders is a great place to start that quest. Their talented designers and builders are sure to make your new construction, restoration, remodeling or repair project something special. They apply their experience and expertise to indoor projects, including bathroom and kitchen remodeling, to the building of custom homes, and to outdoor projects. To visit their website, search for general contractor Charlotte NC and then you can browse their projects to see what this general contractor in Charlotte NC can do for you.

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