A General Contractor in Charlotte NC Specializing In Excellence

There are many general contractor Charlotte NC options to choose from, depending on the size and nature of your specific project. While there are always contractors to vie for the large and prestigious projects, it can be a little different if you’re not among the area’s well known upper class. However, even if everybody doesn’t know your name, you still want your general contractor in Charlotte NC to treat your kitchen remodel Charlotte NC or bathroom remodel Charlotte NC, or any other building project like it is something special because, to you, it is. Choose a general contractor specializing in excellence, one that takes pride in and truly enjoys their work, and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

People that love what they do create spectacular results, something that is readily apparent in the work of general contractor Charlotte options like Benham Builders, your new construction, design build, and kitchen remodel Charlotte NC and bathroom remodel Charlotte NC expert. This company started out with a high end market focus, and built quite a reputation for themselves during the 1980s when they were located in Washington DC. Serving that market niche allowed them the opportunity to explore innovative approaches to building and to create beautiful structures, something that artisan quality builders appreciate being able to do. In 1993, Benham Builders moved into the Charlotte region, expanding their market reach beyond their high end clients, and becoming a well known Charlotte general contractor.

They still do handle high end projects, but their real focus in on excellence. While certainly the quality of their work catches the eye of many prestigious clients in the area, as evidenced by the multiple publications featuring the work of Benham Builders, this is a general contractor in Charlotte that takes on all sorts of projects, large and small. What makes them so popular in the region is that if they are handling any project, such as a Charlotte kitchen remodel, they make you feel as though you are getting the same attention to detail and expertise that they would apply to renovating a mansion. Because you are – this company takes pride in every project they do.

Benham Builders offers a broad range of general contracting services, balancing beauty and practicality with amazing grace. That is because the Benham Builders team is well educated, not just in fine design and architecture, but also in practical matters, such as the structural design requirements necessary for building in hurricane areas and state of the art green building technologies. As people become more interested in sustainable living and move away from sprawling “McMansions” that needlessly consume finite resources, Benham Builders has responded by pouring their creativity into small living solutions and innovative space usage. A general contractor in Charlotte NC from Benham Builders always brings something special to a project.

In addition to complete remodel and renovation, Benham Builders does additions and custom designed homes as well. Another area of expertise for this multi-talented Charlotte general contractor is outdoor living design, and just about any type of remodeling Charlotte NC project. They’ve done some really remarkable work in this area throughout the region, creating outdoor living spaces that are a fluid continuation of a home’s overall style or designed to complement a way of living, to create a mood or feel. Peaceful, gorgeous pool areas with recreation spaces, gardens that beg for outdoor gatherings and social events of all sorts – these are just a few of their specialties. The careful attention that Behnam Builders staff pays to really understanding their clients wants results in uniquely personal designs.

If you’re ready to make that dream project a reality you can enjoy every day, Benham Builders is the right general contractor in Charlotte NC for you for your bathroom remodel Charlotte NC, your kitchen remodel Charlotte NC, or any of your remodeling Charlotte NC plans. They’ve got the experience and solid educational background behind them to make your project a success. Hands on experience makes the Benham Builders team expert at restoration, and the efforts they expend to become highly knowledgeable in the latest lifestyle trends gives them the expertise for truly remarkable contemporary designs. Whether your project is taking place on a grand scale or is focused on living large in a small space, Benham Builders is a Charlotte general contractor with something special to offer.

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