General Contractor in Charlotte NC with Experience in Excellence

Wide and varied experience is always a plus when you are considering general contractor Charlotte NC options for your remodeling project. Verifiable examples of excellence in design are another factor to consider when making that big decision on which contractor is best going to suit your particular project, as well as the length of time a particular contractor has been working in the region and the education of the people running the company. After all, if you are in search of excellence in your project, you want to make sure that the people you hire for your project, small or large, are experienced in exactly that.

Benham Builders, your licensed Charlotte general contractor, is a company that fits the bill exactly. They have experience in fine design, in truly unique projects, especially when it comes to renovations and remodeling. They handle a broad range of projects, from the small to the large, taking on both indoor and outdoor general contracting work. This company started out in Washington DC, in 1983. Back then, their primary focus was beauty – luxurious homes that were both structurally superior and visually appealing. They came to this region in 1995, and have quickly become among one of the best known general contractor in Charlotte NC. This company has expanded their fields of expertise to include implementing green building concepts and space conscious living.

This Charlotte general contractor has a long list of satisfied clients in the region, and their website offers some really remarkable examples of their stunning remodeling and renovation work. It also features some detailed write up by regional publications about the quality of their workmanship. Benham Builders has really made quite a name for themselves in their arrival in the region well over a decade ago. When it comes to the important work of restoring regional homes that are representative of the beautiful old homes that are so plentiful in the area, they have the experience to do it right.

However, they do much more than home restoration. They are skilled at design build construction, and can help in the planning of homes made with the future in mind – energy efficient, green living conscious, and aesthetically pleasing. With a highly educated group at the top, this general contractor in Charlotte NC stays up to date with the latest techniques in home design. They also have classically trained designers and technicians, and the result of that is an exquisite blending of the old and new to create original, beautiful homes. This general contractor also specializes in custom homes and outdoor living design projects.

If you have a home renovation or remodeling project that is special to you, and one from which you’d like to see something out of the ordinary created, don’t make a final decision on your general contractor in Charlotte NC until you’ve taken a little time to see exactly what Benham Builders can do for you. They have an impressive style, and excel in efficient home construction project time lines, which is an important factor in just how soon you’ll be able to enjoy your new outdoor or indoor living space.

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