Remodeling Charlotte – Choosing The Right Stone Tile Texture

Largely due to its classic look and high level of durability, stone tile is a very common option for many bathroom and kitchen remodels. In most cases, the first consideration when choosing a stone tile for your kitchen remodel Charlotte is color and size. While this is a very important aspect, chosen due to personal preference, choosing the texture of stone that is used in your kitchen or bathroom is a very practical choice.

There are six basic stone tile textures available:

Polished: Polished stone tiles have a very smooth, glossy texture that displays outstanding colors. Polished tiles are very smooth, moisture resistant and can become slippery when wet. It is most commonly used on walls and countertops.

Honed: Honed tiles are typically unglazed and have a low to medium gloss. These tiles hold up very well under high traffic, making them perfect for floors. Honed tile gives good traction, and is slightly less glossy than polished tile.

Tumbled: Tumbled tile gives you a much more classic, weathered tile appearance. It has a somewhat rough texture that is made through a process of tumbling a variety of natural stone to create its rough, worn surface. You can typically find tile with a tumbled finish in limestone, marble and granite.

Flamed: Flamed tile gets its texture by being treated under extremely high temperatures. This heat causes the natural elements within the stone to morph and explode, creating a totally unique texture.

Sand Blasted: When natural stone tile is sandblasted, it comes out with a slightly glossy, textured surface. You can also use the sandblasting process to etch images, words and designs into stone tile.

Sawn: A gang saw is used to create the unique surface of sawn tile. You can create a completely natural tile look by combining sawing and other texturizing techniques such as honing. This greatly increases your options, allowing you to create the exact look that you are looking for.

Naturally, it pays to speak with a professional when remodeling a bathroom or kitchen. When it comes to remodeling Charlotte, Benham Builders is the place to go. Visit for more information or a consultation on your tile selection, bathroom or kitchen remodel.

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