Remodeling Charlotte – Refreshing Your Bathroom on a Budget

Whenever you start talking about remodeling a room, whether it be as big as a family living space, or as small as a hallway bathroom, costs can start to add up pretty quickly. With some strategic accessorizing, you can make some big changes to your bathroom without having to do a full remodel. With some deep cleaning, fresh paint and some new great looking pieces, you can turn your outdated, old bathroom into a brand new space and nobody will know that you didn’t do a full bathroom remodel. Here are a few things that you can refresh on a budget.

Faucets – Your bathroom faucets are one of the most highly noticed, and most frequently used accessories in your bathroom. Almost every single person who walks into your bathroom will turn on the faucet. If there was one change that you were to make to your bathroom, changing the faucet itself could make a big difference.

Showerheads – Although your shower curtain may remain closed during most of the day, it is also one of the main focal point of your bathroom. These showerheads can be placed above shower doors and curtain rods. If this is the case in your bathroom, replace your showerhead with one that better matches your new décor.

Towel Rods – This is another great way to spruce up a bathroom with only a small change. Rather than the boring rods that were installed when your home was built, consider buying and installing some that are more decorative, matching your other new accessories.

By making the following changes, as well as applying a fresh coat of paint, new light fixtures and freshening up a few of the other features, you can avoid embarking on a costly, full bathroom remodel Charlotte. If you need help making any of your changes, want some ideas, or are interested in deeper changes to your space, give us a call at Benham Builders.

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